Ninth International Workshop on Children’s Cooperatives, 27 -30 October 2014, New Delhi

Children from across the world revealed how Children’s Development Khazana (CDK), has helped them and their families at the Ninth International Workshop on ‘Children’s Development Khazana’ from 27th -30th October 2014 in New Delhi. This workshop which was a useful interaction for CDK’s Child Volunteer Managers (CVMs) and focal persons from CDK Associates worldwide also had interesting sessions where children were trained to make radio programmes.

Joyfully exclaiming how CDK has helped them, children wished that CDK reach all needy children in every country so that they too could benefit from this programme. Children came up with interesting testimonies on how CDK has helped them and their families. Some of them are shared below-

Tabussum, from Butterflies Delhi, India says- “I have benefited immensely from CDK. I have taken advances 3-4 times. On one occasion, my family had no money even for food. At that time, I took an advance from CDK and helped my family. My mother was very happy and asked how I arranged the money. When I told her that I used to save pocket money given by her in CDK, she became very happy. She promised that whenever she has some extra money she would give it to me to save it.”

Rabindra Chanlagain of Voice of Children, Nepal said- “CDK has helped me learn accounting, manage the accounts of the members whom I got to know through CDK. It also helped me reduce unnecessary expenses and now I have started to save money regularly in CDK. Here, I also learned about Child Rights & re-developed my interest in studies. What I learn in CDK, I teach it to my other friends. We also have regular outings, meetings which has taught me to value myself.”

“CDK provides us necessary life skills education and helps children make decisions for themselves and prepare for a future through development programs. Every adolescent has the freedom to start any viable economic activity. CDK encourages children to engage in education. I think CDK is a living entity and is open to changes for the benefit of the children. It is very democratic and transparent in its actions. Every child on the street, who comes from a poor background and is working his way up for a better future, has a right to save and access money in times of need”, claims Charuni Sewvandi, from Kantha Sakthi,Sri Lanka.

“I thank CDK because it taught me to work for a better future and showed me the direction to the right path. I am now determined to lead the right way of life”, says Sanjir from MUNIS, Tajikistan

The testimonies of all children on CDK are being compiled in a book which will be published shortly. 


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